PDF Downloads

In the event that you are going to retain me to help you with your family law matters, you will need to complete these forms and bring them in with you.

Introductory Questionnaire

If you would like to visit with me for a consultation, please download and complete my Introductory Questionnaire.  I will review this form in advance of our meeting so that I am prepared for our initial meeting.

Retainer Agreement

If you choose to retain me to represent you, you will need to sign my Retainer Agreement.

Financial Documents List 

For any matter in which financial issues are involved, you will need to provide a copies or original versions of all documents in the Financial Documents List.

Mediation Agreement

If you are going to retain my services for mediation, you will need to see me first for mediation screening, and after we determined your suitability for mediation, you will need to sign my Mediation Agreement.