No two mediation cases are the same. I enjoy listening to and getting to know both spouses, and understanding the dynamic of their relationship. Set out below are some of the cases in which I have been involved as a mediator.


I have presided over many mediations which involve parenting issues. In many of these cases, a major issue of dispute between the parents, is custody. I once had a full day mediation session, dealing with the issue of decision-making (custody), where both parents wanted sole custody of their children. Over the course of a six hour mediation, we were able to come up with and agree to a detailed Parenting Plan that dealt with both decision-making and time-sharing.

Property and support

A complex case involving pensions, stock options, business interests and multiple real properties requires several mediation sessions to settle. We even invited accountants and a business valuator to one of our sessions. Through their commitment to the process and hard work, the spouses were able to reach an agreement on all issues.

Children’s special and extraordinary expenses

In one case, I met with a couple who had each previously spent thousands of dollars in court, litigating over their children's special and extraordinary expenses. Within mediation, the spouses were able to agree on a comprehensive list of agreed-upon expenses including, importantly, a straightforward mechanism for reaching agreement on these expenses going forward.

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