Separation and divorce can be the worst type of legal conflict. People are often not as emotional about being sued over a breach of contract by a third party, as they are about having to deal with the emotional issues arising from their marriage breakdown.

I have over 28 years of experience in helping people negotiate separation agreements, marriage contracts and the cohabitation agreements.

A statistic that really strikes me, is that over 95% of cases that go to court settle before trial. Regrettably, by the time a case reaches the proverbial doorsteps of trial, the case has already cost both parties many thousands of dollars. To me, this underscores the importance of working as hard as possible to ensure that proceeding to court is an absolutely and necessary last (not first) resort.

To this end, I assure you that I will thoroughly review and explore all options to promote settlement, including:

  • engaging in settlement discussions
  • scheduling four-way meetings (if you are comfortable with this)
  • proceeding with mediation

Without a doubt, each and every case has a solution, and it is trite to say that a negotiated settlement is better (and works better) than a court-imposed resolution.

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