Here are some helpful links to resources so that you can be better informed on what may be involved in your legal matter.

Family Law Rules

This website allows you to obtain quick access to the most recent Family Law Rules.

Family Mediation Canada

This website provides information about mediation, and about Family Law Mediators located across Canada.

Ministry of the Attorney General

The AGO offers a vast array of information on services and guidelines involving Family Law matters.

Simplified Child Support Tables

Quickly look up child support payable.

Federal Child Support Guidelines

The federal law that applies to the calculation of child support.

My Support Calculator

Allows for detailed child and spousal support calculations.

Canada Pension Plan splitting

Access the forms to divide pension benefits.

Online Marriage Certificate Application

To obtain a duplicate original Marriage Certificate.

What You Should Know About Family Law

Excellent resource! Great review of family law in Ontario!

Family Law Court Forms

Access and complete the family law forms online.

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