Tax Considerations: Benefits and Credits in Separation Agreements

In addition to the “usual suspects” of custody, access, child support, spousal support and equalization of property, there are other important issues to consider including within a Separation Agreement. One such issue involves the tax considerations of available deductions, benefits, and credits, as well as the tax implications relating to RRSP’s and RESP’s. Spousal support...... Read More

E-mails and text (or other instant) messages

My advice as it relates to using social media to communicate with a former spouse? Remember to pause, review, and think about the consequences before hitting the “send” button. Everyone will want to impulsively respond to text messages (my phone will keep “dinging” until I open a text!) but, in the context of emotionally charged...... Read More

Update: 2017 Federal Child Support Amounts

Effective November 22, 2017, the Federal Child Support Amounts (the Tables) have changed.  This is the second time that the guideline amounts have changed since the implementation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines in 1997 (the other change occurring in 2011). As with the change in 2011 and as would be expected, the support amounts generally...... Read More

How long is spousal support payable?

One of the most difficult questions in family law can be answered with a response that every family law client despises; it depends. I have previously written about the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, which guidelines were prepared in 2008. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (or SSAGs, as they have come to be known) provide us...... Read More

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