Types Of Mediation Services

Whether I am conducting comprehensive mediation (parenting and financial issues) or issue-specific mediation, the mediation sessions will be structured by you, and in a manner that best suits your particular needs and circumstances.

Here are the different types of mediation services that I can provide:

Only the spouses

I can meet with you and your spouse – without any lawyers present – over one or, if necessary, multiple sessions.

Lawyer-assisted mediation

If you and your spouse prefer, I can conduct mediation in the presence of your respective lawyers.


I have multiple boardrooms in my office and, if you and your spouse wish, you can remain in separate rooms and I will shuttle back and forth between the rooms.

Reaching an Agreement

Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement on the issues that need to be resolved, I will draft the Separation Agreement for you to review and sign with your respective lawyers.

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