Setting Aside Separation Agreements (and other domestic contracts)

An entire litigation industry seems to have unfolded over the past few years; court applications to set aside domestic contracts (a separation agreement, a cohabitation agreement, or a marriage contract), or overriding some of its terms. The scenario is as follows. A spouse – unhappy with the some or all of the terms of the...... Read More

Spousal Support and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

Spousal Support remains one of the most litigated and contentious areas of family law. This is so, in spite of the advent of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs), which were prepared and released in 2008. The SSAGs are not law; judges are not mandated to apply the SSAGs. However, they have been consistently referred...... Read More

Backlog in the Ottawa family court

I have to comment on this, as it is a significant issue that MUST be taken into account by every separating spouse when considering which course of action to take in resolving their family law dispute. As of today (March 9, 2017), there are long wait lists for virtually every court step in a family law...... Read More

Grandparent access

In Canada, all jurisdictions allow for grandparents to apply to the court for access to their grandchildren. Some provinces specifically recognize grandparents’ right to apply for access to their grandchildren. In Ontario, section 21 of the Children’s Law Reform Act, R.S.O. 1990 has now been amended to┬áconfirm that a parent of a child or any...... Read More