Financial Disclosure

The importance of disclosure when dealing with financial issues arising out of a separation, cannot be overstated. Quite simply, full and frank financial disclosure is the starting point with respect to any discussions and negotiations surrounding the issues of child support, spousal support, and equalization of property. Prior to the enactment of the Family Law...... Read More

When is the “Date of Separation”?

Many people erroneously believe that they are “legally separated” when they have a signed Separation Agreement. In fact, spouses are separated when they commence living “separate and apart”, whether under the same roof or in separate residences. Obviously, therefore, spouses are “legally separated”, before they have signed a Separation Agreement confirming their date of separation....... Read More

Mobility – The Right to Move

There are probably no areas in family law (or, at least, in regards to parenting issues) litigated more frequently than the issue of mobility. The issue of mobility rights involves the question of a parent’s right to be able to move from his or her current jurisdiction with the children, to another jurisdiction. Most often...... Read More

Our Family Pets: Custody Proceedings, or Property?

Among all of the issues that can be in dispute between spouses upon marriage breakdown, there is one that I find particularly fascinating. The number of “pet” cases is on the rise, with spouses arguing over which one of them is entitled to keep the family pet(s). Being a dog owner, I fully understand and...... Read More